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Why You Should Want 24/7 On-site Apartment Maintenance in Carmel

It just hit midnight, and while you’re off to sleep, you begin to feel a drip, drip drip. You look up, noticing a wet mark on the ceiling that’s ever so slightly getting larger ? Is there an emergency line for maintenance? How much time will it be before they arrive? Is this something that will have to wait until they open up ? Or were you smart enough to rent a place with 24/7 on-site emergency apartment maintenance in Carmel?

What Exactly Is A Maintenance Emergency?

Master bedroom in Carmel apartments.

Luckily, almost all of your apartment maintenance requests will be routine. You could see that your stopped up shower drain requires a more muscle than a squirt of Liquid Plumber. Or perhaps you accidentally put a gash in the wall trying to hang pictures. These are irritating inconveniences that can hang on until the next day instead of needing an urgent maintenance call during the middle of the night.

Then there are those fixes that need urgent maintenance. Wait on a leaky pipe and your things in your one-bedroom apartment could have significant damage. A broken fire detector can keep you -- and your next door neighbors -- awake all night. Emergency services could also be needed when your air stops working during Carmel’s hot and humid nights to an automated system, which then goes to the front-office worker, who then forwards the request to a contractor,that then comes over to your apartment to start repairs.

The response between the differing situations can seem outrageous, especially when you’re more preoccupied about getting to safety . When your building has round the clock emergency maintenance, then they should be at your apartment in minutes or at a minimum give you a reasonable idea when they’ll be there. That’s so much better than worrying for hours hoping an outside service will show up.

Three Maintenance Questions To Ask When You Go On An Apartment Tour

Exterior view of a Carmel apartment building.

While you tour apartments and learn about the list of apartment amenities in Carmel, you should also ask about the emergency maintenance procedures. Especially, ask these 3 questions:
  • Does the apartment employ on-site maintenance workers or will they contract out?

  • Do you submit repair tickets by phone, text, or online?

  • What’s the emergency maintenance system ? How long does it take for maintenance to show up?

These are answers that you should be aware of before it’s 3:00 AM and you’re wading through the cascading water pouring down from the upstairs unit’s bathtub.

Highpointe on Meridian Apartments Is Proud to Use 24/7 On-Site Apartment Maintenance

With Highpointe on Meridian Apartments, we want you to have confidence in your new apartment home. We staff on-site maintenance that will answer your emergency maintenance request 24/7/365. Call us at 317-342-0670 or hit the “book a tour” button today!

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